EAT104: The Engineering Behaviour of Soils

This  is a core 20 credit module (~200 hours) for the MSc in Applied Environmental Geology at Cardiff University

The Intended Learning Outcomes are:

•Construct a parameter model for soil from first principles, and use it to generalise the behaviour of soils.

•Determine the stress conditions within a soil, and evaluate the impact on the function (namely strength and consolidation) of soil as an engineered material.

•Conduct laboratory procedures for soil mechanics to appropriate international standards and interpret their results.

•Design proactive measures to improve soil as an engineered material

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EA3123: Engineering Geology

This  is a 10 credit third year module for BSc/MESci in Geology, Exploration and Resource Geology, and Environmental Geoscience at Cardiff University

The Intended Learning Outcomes are:

•Work together in teams to produce outputs of a professional quality,

•Demonstrate commitment to professional values in an engineering geology project.

•Appraise an engineering geology site investigation, and design/interpret engineering solutions.

•Demonstrate competence in technical aspects of engineering geology (e.g. calculate stresses, consolidation, water flow within soils).

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MSc in Applied Environmental Geology

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