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Carbonate Systems Engineering Research Group

Student Research Projects


Katie Boulton (2017) - BSc Project "‘Green Beaches’ as a coastal defence and carbon sequestration method"

Toby Cummins (2017) - BSc Project "A New Method for Representing Inclinometer Data for Slope Stability"

Owen Davies (2017) - MSc Project "A Geochemical and Hydrogeochemical Analysis of Weathered Slag"

Callum Edgcumbe (2017) - MSc Project "Assessing the Volume of a Slag Heap Using Geophysics -

Consett and Talywain"

Amy Lewis (2017) - MESci Project "Modelling Carbon Storage in Steel slag heaps"

James Heath (2016) - MSc Project "Alkaline Wastes for Carbon Sequestration"

Callum Jones (2016) - MSc Project "An initial investigation in to the use of olivine as a beach nourishment material" [Linkedin]

Alex Scott (2016) - MESci Project "The Effectiveness of MICP Bio-Grouting in Clay Rich Soils" [Linkedin]

Charlotte Tutton (2016) - MESci Project "Alkaline Extraction of Brucite from Olivine" [Linkedin]

Finn Loughman (2016) - BSc Project "Carbonation Rates of MgO" [Linkedin]

George Griffiths (2016) - BSc Project "Water Content Preservation Methods" [Linkedin]

Christina Jones (2016) - BSc Project "The Geotechnical Properties of Artificial Carbonated Alkaline Soils containing Demolition Waste" [Linkedin]

Oliver Gernon (2015) - BSc Project "Identifying the Triggers and Mechanisms of Ground Instability in Jackfield" [Linkedin]

Molly Hawes (2015) - Summer Project "C and O sotopic fractionation in high pH solutions" [Linkedin]


Company Placement Projects




Massimo Cefala (2017) - MSc Project with Structural Soils "Geotechnical assessment of Market Street, Newbury, West Berkshire"

Tom Devereux (2017) - MSc Project with Arup "A Site Investigation and Feasibility Review into using Geothermal Pile Foundations at a Development in Central Bristol"

Garry-Leigh Goldthorpe (2017) - MSc Project with Structural Soils "Correlating Dynamic Probing Super Heavy (DPSH) results to Standard Penetration Test (SPT) ‘N’ values for derivation of geotechnical parameters"

Byron Jamieson (2017) - MSc Project with Terra Firma Wales "Geotechnical Earthworks Stabilisation. Physical and Chemical Methodology Comparison"

Andrew John (2017) - MSc Project with Network Rail "A cost-benefit analysis of investing in preventative drainage systems vs cost of reactive failure and remediation"

Christina Jones (2017) - MSc Project with Tweedie Evans "Preliminary Slope Stability Assessment of Coastal Landslides at Ashcroft Coast Holiday Park, Isle of Sheppey"

Morgan Price (2017) - MSc Project with Network Rail "Wales Route assessment of Geotechnical Hazards identified by the Outside Party Slopes High Level Landslide Susceptibility Study (Phase 2)"

Emily-Kate Rogers (2017) - MSc Project with Structural Soils "Investigation into the Investigation into the Investigation into the measurement of geotechnical parameters using sound velocity and potential applications within cavern development

Maiga Winzenried (2017) - MSc Project with Pini Swiss Engineers "Understanding the ground conditions of the proposed outfall tunnel, Los Angeles USA"



Amir Abbasi (2016) - MSc Project with Card Geotechnics Limited "Geotechnical design of deep excavations and deep piled foundations, from on-site and off-site ground investigation data, for a high-rise development in Aldgate, London." [Linkedin]

Becky Callard (2016) - MSc Project with Wardell Armstrong "Shallow Foundation Design: A Geotechnical Assessment and the Implications of insufficient Ground Investigation" [Linkedin]

Jason Webb (2016) - MSc Project with Vertase FLI "A study on theapplication of SHW Series 600 to soils and made ground recovered during landfill remediation and their geotechnical performance"

Vince Sin (2016) - MSc Project with RPS "The environmental and engineering considerations on the reuse of steelmaking waste in highway embankments" [Linkedin]

Jacky Clayton (2016) - MSc Project with RPS "Managing compounds and improving methodologies for waste classification"

Pat Moore (2016) - MSc Project with Structural Soils "A site investigation of the proposed Bristol Arena development and preliminary foundation design." [Linkedin]

Pete Robinson (2016) - MSc Project with RPS "A geotechnical investigation into the engineering properties of the Whitby Mudstone" [Linkedin]

Dickon Morris (2016) - MSc Project with Mott Macdonald "Geotechnical risk management in major highway schemes" [Linkedin]

Emily-Rose Powell (2016) - MSc Project with Network Rail "TBC" [Linkedin]

Rhian Lynes (2015) - MSc Project with Structural Soils "Bathurst Basin and sample moisture content preservation" [Linkedin]

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